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Comprar zapatillas online, la nueva moda en internet

You can start to enjoy the way you have never done your shopping online, buying slippers online in our store. You can buy all our models directly in a few clicks. Take advantage to buy shoes online with Tórtola1947.

Shoes are a fundamental part of our day to day, so you can not wear any footwear, only quality footwear. In Tórtola1947 you will be able to buy high quality online slippers and go to fashion with our wide range of models.

All shoes should be comfortable and fit to the shape of the foot they wear, so as not to propitiate any rubbing or bambolla in the foot. They must provide protection and comfort to the foot so that they can endure the day to day at work, school or free time.

Our feet are the only point of support we have for walking, running and standing, so we have to take care of them over time. A good way to do this is to wear quality men's slippers, to take care of our feet and we can endure the weight of the day to day. From Tortola we capture all our experience in our models and we want to show you the different collections of women's shoes available in our online shoe store.

Buy men's and women's online shoes

-Collection 800: The sport shoe par excellence of Tórtola1947 and our latest model to come out. This model fulfils all our expectations in terms of quality and comfort and that is why our public has welcomed it considerably in social networks. You will never have bought online shoes as easy and safe as on our website, we ensure all purchases with HTTPS secure encryption and we do not allow intruders to access your data.

-Collection 400: Our embroidered women's shoes are the most striking in our catalogue. These embroidered leather shoes can be combined with any outfit, both in summer and winter. Take this opportunity to start buying shoes online in the store.

-Collection 210: Our TOP Sales by excellence, this model continues to reinvent itself year after year with its performance between men and women. This shoe is made with genuine leather and a thermoplastic rubber sole to walk not heavy.

-Model 210N: This model was born following the previous model 210, giving another touch of design and another dynamic for this new season. This model has a skin cut similar to the previous one but with different shades of color.

-Model 212: This model has been highlighted by its quality and design. It is made up of a leather body accompanied by an organic thermoplastic rubber sole. This model becomes the ideal accessory for your feet, providing comfort, elegance and originality to your style.

-Model 211: A limited edition model of Tórtola1947. This white-cut, rubber-soled model adapts to different styles with its embroidered roses.

-Model 217: Who likes retro is going to like our models 217. A custom made shoe for a man who likes to dress classic, elegant and with a modern touch.

-Model 170: Our most summery model with a youthful touch has come to stay. You will be able to purchase any of our products from the catalogue through our online shop.

Buy your shoes online with Tórtola1947

You can feel the confidence of buying slippers online in our online shop. We have taken a step forward with our new collections and we do not want you to stay without them. If you like the shoes of men and women, you will not be able to miss the opportunity to benefit from our promotions and discounts on Turtledove products that we publish on the social networks and in our online shop so that buying slippers online is easier for you.

We have free shipping and returns service for our users who buy slippers online in our store. The first return is free and you have up to 14 days to make it.

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