History of Tortola 1947

    Tórtola was born in Elche in 1947 by the hand of Francisco Pérez Ibarra, or as he was known by his friends and neighbors Paco "El Roig" (the blond)

    Francisco had a childhood marked by effort and dedication to work. As was usual at the time, children began working life very early. In this case "the ros" began working at age 11 as a waiter at the Bastian café to help the family with the expenses. However, his restless spirit made him continue with the studies and managed to become a commercial expert. He also taught at the Orpa Academy and later worked as an accountant at La Viuda de Maciá. Shortly after, he decided to set up a small vulcanized factory on Calle Curtidores in his city, Elche.

    Alpargatas factory companions La Viuda de Maciá. Year 1940.

    They combined their studies as a commercial expert working at the Café de Bastián. Year 1943.

    The illusion of opening his own business led him to move his home to the first floor, where the factory was located.

    From this moment the noise of the machines and the smell of vulcanized rubber will be part of your day to day almost until the end of your life.

    First apparatuses La Tórtola. Year 1947.

    At that time only one model was manufactured in two colors (blue and black), sold by the dozens and valued in cents. His first representative, Antonio García and he began visiting the shops of the province of Alicante and Murcia by bicycle. And in this way began the growth of "La Perdiz y Tórtola" and the sale of hundreds of dozens. In 1960 the volume of work that was achieved forced the factory to move to the Plaza Polo. With this change the evolution continued: more representatives, more clients ... But a decade later, in 1970, again the facilities are small and outdated and Tórtola decides to go to the Matola highway, where he makes a large investment to modernize the factory, create new offices and a direct wholesale warehouse. The production, which began a few years before with a few pairs, is currently at 12,000 pairs a day.

    With Don Carlos Cervera and Paquito, in the trophy La Tórtola and La Perdiz of clay pigeon shooting.

    In 1973 they open aparado workshop, manufacture of PVC and direct injection to the court in Benijofar, the Elche ships become the logistics center and open 11 wholesale stores throughout Spain. The production at the end of the eighties stands at 25,000 pairs per day, a figure that continued until the end of the 20th century.

    70 years later, we continued with the family business, modernizing production and designs, selling online instead of by bicycle, but with the same enthusiasm as Francisco Pérez Ibarra when he made the first pair of Tórtola shoes.

    Francisco Pérez Ibarra. Year 1987.

    In these lines we can not miss our thanks and respect to all our customers and above all to each and every one of the workers that form and were part of our organization, without which they would never have had such magnificent results.

    In the 21st century we will use the values ​​that made Tórtola a leading shoe from the moment of its creation in 1947. At that time the market needed to fit most of a country facing reconstruction, Francisco Pérez Ibarra, founder of the brand of sneakers, decided that it was time to sell significant quantities of espadrilles very economic and prioritized, above all, the quality and reliability in the service, bringing their manufactured to the consumer regardless of the type of customer. He spoke of his clients equally, "everyone respects us and pays, have their trade where they have it, do not forget that without exception they are Gentlemen Clients". The loyalty of our customers and our respect for them and consumers, made our shoes conquer the Spanish market.

    Celebración del 50 aniversario de Tórtola en el Hotel Ritz de Madrid en compañía de nuestros clientes.

    Those were the times where the "marketing" was the durability of the product and Tórtola managed to make a quality product with a reasonable price for the consumer of the time. In the years 60/70 already several models of sneakers were manufactured, not only the two initial ones. The demand of the market grew, new materials began to emerge and sports were born. Yes, quality was still the general trend of our products, do not forget that for years, The Tortoises were not only shoes for the general public but they were also the sports of the army, in particular the models 10 and 11 (sneaker and boot). In the 80s there were more changes, Tórtola is still alive with its models 10 and 11, but other brands are born within our organization.

    Fashion soon makes its way and our expansion begins, favored by a service capacity of 24 to 48 hours. This circumstance and those previously mentioned confirm our company, as a leader, in the national market and with these wicks began the international conquest. The twentieth century ends with a manufacturing of 25,000 pairs a day. In the 21st century, Tórtola is still alive recomposing its style 70 years later with the same blood and spirit of the founder, we adapt Tórtola, our brand, while we have to live today and tomorrow.

    We are clear that we will not lose our roots, and the characteristics that have made us great such as quality, reliability, good service and respect for our customers, as well as the "Made in Spain".

    Currently Tortola flies again. Let yourself be carried by our wings. We are at your feet.

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